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More feautes and price Sharimg S10

10 GB Storage

1 Administrator

Up to 10 Standard Users

Share within your team


Features and price Sharimg S40

40 GB Storage

Up to 4 Administrators

Up to 50 Standard Users

Share within your team


Features and price Sharimg S100

100 GB Storage

Up to 10 Administrators

Up to 100 Users

Share between teams


In case you need more than 100 Gb storage, please contact us.

Sales terms and conditions

Taxes not included in prices.

Videos can only be uploaded from the web platform or desktop app. The desktop app only works for Windows 7, 8 and 10. Mac users please contact the following info.

Service is limited to one (1) year and will start on the day of purchase.

Once the service expires, we will keep the information regarding your team for 30 days. If you do not renew the service or upgrade your plan within that period, the team account and content will be deleted.

The renewal of the service is not an automatic process. You must renew your service through the Sharimg website.

Support & Update Service is included in the price, as long as the service is active.

Refunds are provided within the 14 days after the purchase, provided that the user has not accessed the account. For this reason, you are recommended to try the free 15 days trial before purchasing.

You must read, understand and accept our “Privacy policy” and “Sales Terms and Conditions” to complete the purchase process.

Any further questions, please contact our sales department at sales@sharimg.com

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